Skilhagen Content & design

Shapes content Provides value

Skilhagen is an Oslo based communication agency focusing on content production, art direction and design. We develop solutions across surfaces and services, and work on projects on behalf of editorial, commercial, and cultural clients.

Innovative storytelling techniques over fiction.
We have the belief that the best stories come from reality, and that every client has relevant messages that should be conveyed.

Based on insight, strategy and a conceptual approach, the communication is developed.

Unique messages require different voices.
In order to create the unique solutions, one must first and foremost work with the right people. Different projects require different teams of specialists.

Rather then employing all relevant disciplines internally, Skilhagen works with external specialists curated specifically for each individual project.

Small details. Big difference.
For each successful project, the focus on craftsmanship and precision is essential. 
A good idea is never better than the end result.

Skilhagent was established in 2017 by Andreas Rød Skilhagen

Andreas Rød Skilhagen Creative director

The reason for the establishment of Skilhagen AS was a wish from Andreas Rød Skilhagen to gather experience, expertise and network in a company.

Before the creation of Skilhagen, Andreas worked as a creative director for A magasinet and Aftenposten Lørdag. In addition to the responsibility for the visual journalism in the feature-department, he also carried out the award-winning redesign of the Saturday newspaper.

With a background from the advertising and design industry, he has worked as an art director for agencies such as DDB and Bates, and has been one of the founders of the renowned design agency Node Oslo. Andreas's content-based approach to design and communication originated from his stay at Fabrica, the Benetton Group's communications research center, where he had a residency in 2004.